(rē-kŏn′stĭ-toot′, -tyoot′)
tr.v. re·con·sti·tut·ed, re·con·sti·tut·ing, re·con·sti·tutes
• to change an organization so that it has a different form.

n. pl. ge·og·ra·phies
• The study of the earth and its features and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity.
• The physical characteristics, especially the surface features, of an area.
• An ordered arrangement of constituent elements.

Reconstituting Geographies is a research into primitive accumulation. With this That Might Be Right wants to work on building a foundation for a practice and discourse that can develop over the longterm.

Reconstituting Geographies will address four major themes: gender, colonialism, ecology, technology. These themes are the TMBR PILLARS, the content on which we shape our artistic interventions. Within these themes a guiding threath is the notion of primitive accumulation which we propose as a frame of analyses that can bring forward common denominators between these different themes and thus enable insight in possible alliances in the struggles taking place within these fields.

Reconstituting Geographies is an initiative to read, study, talk, research, make, and engage together. You can participate in the TMBR Reading Group. You can contribute in the TMBR assemblies. Or if you want you want to collaborate please let us know and we can work together on developing the research and organising moments on theme’s we study.

Reconstituting Geographies will develop over the longterm in two semesters a year.

Curated by
Rob Ritzen

Hosted by
That Might Be Right

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