In a world fully known and mapped UTOPIA CAMP wanted to rediscover our environment. We traveled out into a new found land, a place that not so long ago gave form to the hope and imagination of a society: Flevoland.

UTOPIA CAMP was conceived of a base camp from where we wanted to explore and map the area (the island Flevoland) with a group of students. The aim was to explore by foot the unknown country and record its spaces from different angles. After four days of research and exploration, we presented our discoveries and findings to the laggards. The questions were: What can we expect of utopia? How can we convey our experiences and share them? The UTOPIA CAMP Travel Log, with essays and images of utopia, Flevoland, and research material on walking gave the students a substantive background for the practical research and creative development.

Concept by
Paoletta Holst, Rob Ritzen

Produced by
That Might Be Right

Additional information
An educational ZomerLab for ArtEZ, Zwolle 2016

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